17 July 2021 Grading Results
1st kyu

Molly Whitelaw
Kevin Martin
Suzan Caldwell

2nd kyu Hannah Mitchell Hannah Mitchell
3rd kyu David Whitaker


15 March 2020 Results from Scottish Karate Federation Kata Championships held at Linlithgow Academy
9th kyu -7th kyu

Hannah Donnelly - 3RD=

9th kyu-5th kyu David Whittaker - 1ST
4th kyu -1st kyu
Hannah Mitchell - 1ST

Kevin Martin - 3RD=

Dan grade

Stuart Cardozo 3RD=
Maksymilian Kulczycki 3RD=

And congratulations to Sara Boufroura Leila Boufroura Harris Archibald and Molly Whitelaw.


7 October 2018 Results from the SKF Championships, Linlithgow Academy

Congratulations to all the Ainslie Park students who took part - a great result for our team!

Kata 9

Kyle Lawas - GOLD

Kata 10 Leila Boufraura - SILVER  
A clean sweep for Ainslie Park!  
Kata 15

Erica Grauso - GOLD

Hannah Mitchell - SILVER

Kevin Martin - BRONZE

Kata 16

Maksymillian Kulcycki - GOLD

Qasim Haniff - SILVER

Helen Hastie - BRONZE

24 June 2018 Resuts from 1st East Whitburn Karate Wado Championships, Blackburn Community Centre
Congratulations to the following students:
9th kyu-7th kyu u16 yrs AYLA McHUGH 2nd Ayla
6th kyu-4th kyu u16yrs MURRAY McGOVERN 3rd Murray
3rd kyu-1st kyu u16yrs ABBIE WALKER 1st
Abbie and Robert
3rd kyu-1st kyu 16yrs + MAKSYMILIAN KULCZYCKI 1st

A clean sweep for AINSLIE PARK!



L to R: Helen, Lynne, Kevin, Stuart

  Out of 12 entries, the club took 9 trophies.  
28 April 2018 Kyu Grading
Congratulations to the following students who passed their recent Kyu Gradings:
8th Kyu David Whitaker
Jo Collet
7th Kyu Jack Rutherford
Sara Boufoura (Carrickvale)
6th Kyu Henrietta Hall
Hannah Peacock (Carrickvale)
Leila Boufoura (Carrickvale)
5th Kyu Kevin Martin  
4th Kyu Hannah Mitchell  
Erica Grauso  
Dylan Harvey  
2nd Kyu Max Kulczycki
Andrea Grauso
Stuart Hastie  
1st Kyu Robbie Hastie
Helen Hastie
18 March 2018 Results from the SKF Kata/Kumite Championships, Linlithgow Academy

A very many congratulations to all our Ainslie Park students who took part and made the effort to attend the competition in the very bad conditions.

"AYLA"  2nd                    Junior Blue to Brown Belt mixed


LEILA BAUFRURA 3rd    9th kyu -7th kyu mixed


ABBIE WALKER   3rd      3rd kyu -1 st kyu mixed under 16


LYNNE KELLY  3rd          Dan Grade Female  16 years and over


ERICA GRAUSO 1ST PLACE    6th kyu- 4th kyu mixed 16 years and over


KEVIN MARTIN   3rd         6th kyu -4th kyu mixed 16 years and over


HENRIETTA HALL 2nd      6TH kyu - 4th kyu 16 years and over

Helen Hastie and Qasim Haniff

HELEN HASTIE  2nd         3rd kyu- 1st kyu  16 years and over


QASIM HANIFF 1ST PLACE    3rd kyu - 1st kyu 16 years and over



18 November 2017 Kyu Grading

Many congratulations to all the students who took part in and passed their Kyu Gradings, held at Ainslie Park.

Allan Spence, 7th Dan

8th Kyu

  Sara Boufoura  

7th Kyu

  Leila Boufoura  
6th Kyu
  Andrew Mitchell  
  Daniel Quinn  
  Kevin Martin (Adult)  
5th Kyu
  Dylan Harvey  
  Robin Payne (Adult)  
  Erica Grauso (Adult)  
3rd Kyu
  Erin Mayer  
  Andrea Grauso  
  Maksymilian Kulczycki  
1st Kyu
  Jack Headley  

Above: Kevin Martin, Robin Payne and Erica Grauso.

12 November 2017 Results from the SKF Kata Championships, Queensferry High Recreation Centre, South Queensferry
Andrea Grauso
Maksymilian Kulizucki 6th Kyu - 4th Kyu  Under 16
Andrea Grauso  SILVER
Maksymilian Kulizucki BRONZE
Jack Headley 3rd Kyu - 1st Kyu under 16
Jack Headley GOLD
Kevin Martin 9th Kyu - 7th Kyu  16+
Kevin Martin  BRONZE
Qasim Haniff 3rd Kyu - 1st Kyu 16+
Qasim Haniff GOLD
2 September 2017 Kyu Grading

8th Kyu

  Ali Raza  
  Mohsin Raza  
  Hussain Raza  
  Saif-Ali Raza  
24/27 June 2017 Kyu Grading

8th Kyu

  Vishal Karthik  
  Olivia MacDonald  
  Catey Bullock  
  Leila Boufroura  

7th Kyu

  Kevin Martin  
  Kyle Lewis  
  Hannah Peacock  

6th Kyu

  Erica Grauso  
  Dylan Harvey  

5th Kyu

  Maddie Gee  
  Hannah Mitchell  
  Bethan Hastie  
  Matthew Payne  

4th Kyu

  Maximillian Kulczycki  
  Erin Mayer  
  Jamie Jones  
  Andrea Grauso  

2nd Kyu

  Helen Hastie  
  Callum Westwood  
  Jack Headley  
  Robbie Hastie  

1st Kyu

  Sebastian Nicholson  
4 June 2017 Results from the SKGB Kata Championships, Meadowbank, Edinburgh


3rd= place: Maksymilian Kulczycki / Jack Headley


2nd place: Qasim Haniff   


2nd place: Erica Grauso  


3rd place: Hannah Mitchell

2 April 2017 Results from the SKF Kata Championships, WEC, Edinburgh
Maksymilian Kulczycki Category 6 6th Kyu---4th Kyu, Under 16 Years
2nd Place: Maksymilian Kulczycki
Hannah Mitchell Category 17 6th Kyu---4th Kyu 16 Years And Over
1st Place: Hannah Mitchell
Erica Grauso Category 16 9th Kyu---7th Kyu 16 Years And Over
1st Place: Erica Grauso
Robin Payne Category 16 9th Kyu---7th Kyu 16 Years And Over
=3rd Place: Robin Payne
11 March 2017 Kyu Grading

6th Kyu

  Maddie Gee - Ainslie Park  
10 February 2017 Kyu Grading

8th Kyu

  Hannah Peacock - Carrickvale Club
Kevin Martin - Ainslie Park
4 February 2017 Kyu Grading

8th Kyu

  Mandy Murray  
7th Kyu
  Angus Mackie  


17 December 2016 Kyu Grading

8th Kyu

  Logan Davidson
Callum Balloch
Ian Murray
Sebastian Walsh
Sruti Poola
Both Sebastian and Sruti did so well both awarded their 7th Kyu (excellent)
7th Kyu
  Daniel Quinn
Kyle Lawas
Dylan Harvey
Andrew Mitchell
Sruti Poola
Sebastian Walsh
6th Kyu
  Hannah Mitchell
Robin Payne
Matthew Payne
5th Kyu
  Maksymilian Kulczycki
Andrea Grauso
Erin Mayer
Jamie Jones
3rd Kyu
  Jack Headley
Stuart Hastie
Robbie Hastie
Helen Hastie
1st Kyu
  Abbie Walker